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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & Delivery

How to order ?

You can place an order by adding the desired product to your cart and then following the secure checkout process.

What delivery options are available?

Delivery is free on all orders in France and internationally, providing a convenient shopping experience at no extra cost.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking details.


Are online payments secure on your site?

Yes, our site uses advanced security protocols to ensure secure online transactions. You can buy with confidence.

How can I obtain an invoice for my order?
A detailed invoice will be automatically sent to the email address associated with your order.

What languages are available for information and customer service?

Our information and customer service are available in French. On request, we can also communicate with you in English.

Warranty & Returns

What is the return policy?

We accept returns within 30 days of purchase. See our returns policy for more details on the process. 

What warranty is offered on your products?

All our jewelry is covered by the 24-month legal guarantee, in accordance with the legal provisions in force. This guarantee demonstrates our commitment to the quality and durability of our items. However, please note that certain conditions must be met to benefit fully from this guarantee. We encourage you to carefully read the warranty terms and conditions specified in our General Conditions of Sale (CGV). This information aims to guarantee the proper functioning of the warranty while ensuring appropriate use of our products, in compliance with the law. For more details on the warranty conditions, please consult our General Terms and Conditions.

Products & Personalization

What materials are used in the manufacture of bracelets?

Mary and the Captain bracelets are made from quality marine ropes and materials. The clasps are made of brass and tin, respecting European REACH standards by being nickel and lead free. We make sure to use sustainable materials to ensure the longevity of our creations.

What is the process for creating anchors?

The anchors, designed by our designer with an ergonomic and studied design, follow a production process entirely carried out in the south of France. This process includes several stages, such as prototyping, molding, casting, stripping, as well as manual polishing of each part. Subsequently, the anchors are sent to the gilding workshop, where they acquire a sparkling shine before being transformed in our Cannes workshop into superb pieces of jewelry, elegantly embellishing the wrists.

What different looks are available for clasps?

We offer a variety of looks for clasps, such as gold, silver, ruthenium plated, as well as other finishes, including bronze, copper, charcoal gray and black (in PVD).

What is PVD?

The shackles are coated using PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, a vacuum process between 150 and 500°C. Similar to electroplating, this process creates a durable layer by spraying metal compounds onto negatively charged parts. Although expensive, this process is extremely durable, particularly suitable for high-value parts. We favor the use of PVD for the coating of solid brass shackles, offering black, gold, gray and copper finishes.

How are anchors treated to achieve the gold or silver appearance?

The treatment of our anchors with gold or a generous thickness of silver is accomplished through a meticulous, multi-step process. Our artisans precisely apply a thin layer of gold or a thicker layer of silver to the surface of the anchors using advanced coating techniques. This approach gives the nautical bracelets a luxurious aesthetic, while ensuring durability over time.

Do you offer customization options?

Absolutely. You can personalize certain bracelet models by choosing from different options for clasps, cords and designs.


Are the bracelets available in different sizes?

Yes, our single or double nautical bracelets come in different sizes to fit various wrists. Consult our size guide to choose the one that suits you best.


How do I measure my wrist to choose my bracelet size?

We recommend using a measuring tape to measure your wrist size. Place the tape measure around your wrist so that it is neither too loose nor too tight. Note the resulting value and refer to the size chart to select the appropriate bracelet size. For an optimal fit, we advise you to choose a corresponding size with a margin of approximately 1 cm more. If you prefer to wear the bracelet looser, choose a margin of 1 cm to 2 cm more.

It is important to note that the sizes in centimeters shown in the SIZE CHART correspond to the circumference of your wrist.

Please note that the wrist size differs from the total length of the bracelet. Make sure you choose the size that fits your wrist perfectly for the best fit.

My bracelet is too loose, could you shorten it?

We understand that the perfect fit of your bracelet is essential. However, due to our specific manufacturing process, we are unable to shorten the bracelets once they have been produced. We strongly recommend that you carefully follow our SIZE GUIDE and measure your wrist before making your purchase to ensure you choose the correct size. If you have any doubts or questions about the size, please do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp before placing your order. 

Comment puis-je entretenir mon bracelet nautique ?

Consultez notre guide d'entretien pour des conseils sur la préservation de la qualité et de l'apparence de votre bracelet nautique.

Votre bijou semble terni ?

Voici quelques astuces :

L'oxydation, un processus naturel, peut être accentuée par l'acidité de la peau. Utilisez régulièrement une chamoisine pour nettoyer. Le revêtement argenté ternit avec le temps, plus rapidement en contact avec des agents comme parfum, air marin, soufre, crèmes, laque, chlore. Le ternissement dépend de la peau et des habitudes d'entretien. Ce n'est pas un défaut, mais pour une meilleure tenue, évitez bain, sport, sommeil. Nos bijoux, bien que résistants, restent des pièces fantaisie. Prenez-en soin !

bracelets for all

What are nautical bracelets?


Nautical bracelets are jewelry inspired by the marine world, made from ropes and accessories generally used by sailors or water sports enthusiasts. They are often intricately made to create decorative designs and can be worn both as jewelry and as a charm bracelet.

The universality of nautical bracelets MARY AND THE CAPTAIN

Our nautical bracelets transcend gender, thus democratizing jewelry by making it accessible to everyone, men, women and children. Pioneers in this approach, we have opened the doors of costume jewelry to men, popularizing and democratizing a concept previously reserved for women. Today, our bracelets attract men, women and children, offering everyone a touch of style and awakening the sailor in everyone.

Is it possible to take inspiration from or copy the nautical bracelets or the name of MARY AND THE CAPTAIN - BRACELETS NAUTIQUES®?
No, it is not authorized to take inspiration from or copy the nautical bracelets or the name of MARY AND THE CAPTAIN - NAUTICAL BRACELETS. The brand is registered and registered with the INPI, and we attach particular importance to the protection of our creations. Any reproduction, whether total or partial, of our nautical bracelet models or our logos is subject to criminal prosecution. Our creations, designed by Mary PETRE, are characterized by their style, proportions and choice of materials, and benefit from copyright protection.

We are open to collaboration and encourage you to contact us with any additional questions about the intellectual property of our products.


The nautical bracelets are entirely designed in the south of France, in our own workshop based in Cannes. We attach particular importance to the origin of our products, and it is with pride that we affix the designation “Made in France” and “Made in Cannes” to each anchor-type clasp. Each phase of manufacturing, from design to completion, is meticulously carried out with great care in our workshop, thus guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of each bracelet we offer.

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