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The shackle, originally intended for mechanical purposes, now finds its elegant and functional place in the world of costume jewelry as a refined clasp. This small metal ring, once a symbol of robustness, takes on a new life in the field of jewelry. In the world of nautical bracelets, the shackle becomes a subtle and sophisticated element. Its ingenious design provides a secure closure while adding a distinctive touch to our bracelets. Mary, the brand's creator, explores the diversity of shapes and finishes, transforming the shackle into an artistic element in its own right. Whether in the form of a delicate shackle for an adjustable bracelet or a more imposing shackle bringing a bold touch to our nautical bracelets, these clasps enhance the unique character of each piece. Their use also allows ease of attachment, combining practicality and aesthetics in the world of costume jewelry. Thus, the shackle, far from being simply functional, becomes a style element in its own right, merging industrial heritage with the elegance of artistic creation. These jewelry clasps bring a new and captivating dimension to the design of unique pieces, where the alliance of form and function creates bracelets that captivate and seduce.

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