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Ultra sport & ultra chic, the NEW AVENTURA bracelet is in the spotlight on the Aventura Cup Rallies!

The NEW AVENTURA bracelet is a nautically inspired bracelet, made up of 2 nautical or paracord ropes and a clasp of your choice. A triple flat marine knot constitutes the central motif of this bracelet.

Color 1: Fluorescent orange
Color 2: Black

New ! You can now personalize the AVENTURA model!
To place your personalized order, simply follow the following steps:
- select the size of your bracelet,
- select the type and color of the clasp,

- select the color of the strings,
- select your payment method and validate your order,
- choose your billing address and/or your delivery address.

Delivery is FREE!

Choose the color of rope 1 here
Choose rope color 2 here
  • Each MARY AND THE CAPTAIN bracelet is a unique handmade piece, which may vary from the photos. Sizes may vary by 0.5cm +/-.

    All our bracelets are entirely made in France, in Cannes.

    VSEach order is prepared with the greatest care and packaged in a linen pouch personalized with our logo.